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How to connect to a MongoDB with NestJS.

I highly prefer to use a combination of Mongoose and the mongoose nestjs library. The pro of use only the Nestjs library is that you basically don’t need to use an interface, only the schema directly. If you use mongoose directly to define the schema, you need to use an interface to create each object in the MongoDB.

Create a complicated schema with Mongoose using NestJS can be a pain in certain way, but once you dominate it, it is pretty cool how it works.

So let’s create an application that manages…

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El talento trabajado siempre va a rendir frutos, pero si no tienes el talento, ten por seguro que la perseverancia y el esfuerzo siempre le van a ganar al talento y van a rendir más frutos.

Eran finales del 2010, último año de enseñanza media, aún no estaba seguro de qué quería estudiar, en aquel entonces me llamaba la atención la psicología, me gustaba la filosofía, el lenguaje, podría definirme como un total humanista, las matemáticas no eran lo mío, me costaban… Mis padres siempre me apoyaron, me decían estudia lo que quieras, te vamos a apoyar, pero ojo que…

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If we talk about Databases with NestJS you probably already made some connection with MongoDB and mongoose or MySQL and typeorm.

But if we talk about Serverless with AWS I highly recommend to test DynamoDB.

Why DynamoDB?

First because is Serverless too! Then there is a lot more information about it here:

“Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It’s a fully managed, multiregion, multimaster, durable database with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. …

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Add documentation to your API is really important for share it with your team or with your clients, some times the process of create this documentation takes a lot of time and we usually leave it until the end of the project.

I highly recommend to code your API Documentation in the moment that you create the endpoints.

How? With Swagger!

What Is Swagger?

Simplify API development for users, teams, and enterprises with the Swagger open source and professional toolset. Find out how Swagger can help you design and document your APIs at scale.

So Swagger makes easier the process of documenting…

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As AWS mentions, Serverless is a cost effective way to create and deploy applications, you can create any type of backend application and use the benefits of an API Gateway to connect your frontend or any other service that you need.

This guide is to create a Serverless application with NestJS, Serverless and MondoDB Atlas in AWS environment. To clarify I’m going to use images to share the code, I prefer this way because is more easy to read, so be careful when you code.

I started with serverless a couple of weeks ago and I’m in love with it…

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When someone called me asking if I wanted to apply for an IT Manager Job, I had many concerns about it. The first thing that I though was the age, am I enough older to lead an area? Most people should say that the age doesn’t matter, that is all about the experience, and that’s probably true, but the age keeps being a factor and if not, the next question was if I had the enough experience to do it, the technical knowledge. There are many things that came to my mind, mostly doubts and questions.

There is a key to be a good Manager?

Probably you can read…

Carlos Villarroel

IT Manager in Rindegastos | Data Science | FullStack

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